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"Enough, Kim," Doug said as he sped up and went around the slow-moving van in front of us. "It's too late now. We admitted what we're into, not that she didn't know anyway, and it's not like we don't want to, so"—he glanced over at me and placed his hand on my thigh, giving it a squeeze—"let's go have some fun."Anne cried out, "Oh...God!" and collapsed forward onto Anja.*****"Recover? How many times do you have sex?"The paintbrush fell away from her breast. Ia let out a shuddering sigh of relief. She didn't care anymore. She would say whatever this horrid, wonderful creature wanted, do whatever she wanted, be whatever she wanted. She'd tried lying, tried faking it, tried denying it. Elly knew. Elly always knew.Just as his lips parted, she began to bounce in his lap, and he came. Sweet, sticky pleasure flooded him, drowned him, and then she was pouring mead down his throat, and he was drinking, moaning, begging and pleading. She gazed down at him with triumph as he drank the last gulp down.
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"I'm sorry I ever said anything," Karin said, sitting back down. "You look wonderful, dear. It's nice that you're so comfortable with yourself and your family.""Trust me; you don't have to say please!""You got any problem with that, Jason?" he asked.When she had finished sucking all of the cum from him, she smiled while stuffing his cock back into his pants before standing up and zipping him up."Oh, oh...Yeah!" Kent bellowed. He was filling my wife with his semen again. Come jetting into her pussy always triggers an orgasm in her."I think that's wonderful, John," his mother said, leaning over and kissing him on the forehead. "You have fun and keep practicing and we all know that you're going to beat your father one of these days.""That's it, cum for me," Cassidy whispered."Oh yeah? Sure," I responded, getting up off the couch. "Where do you want to do it?"

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I sat down on the couch, not really doing anything except letting the quiet stretch to see where Cassidy would take the conversation."You boys get to clean the table." Janet directed."I'm going to cum," I warned.Okino slumped completely against the doorframe, letting out a soft sigh of pleasure. He reached down with one hand and felt his cock pulsating with need. Maybe if he came, he'd be able to think straight. The Thriae was so distracted. He was so close, it would only take a few seconds. He started to stroke himself, breathing heavily."You want to dance with me?" I gestured towards all the people around us. "All these pretty girls and you want someone who could be your mom?"Elly leaned in and kissed her again, softly, shortly. "What was that?' she asked, voice high-pitched and breathy, almost wispy. Ia felt her stroking the runerod over her thigh, felt it buzzing faintly. Suddenly, her leg was becoming unbelievably erogenous, and she actually cried out as Elly slowly stroked it with the dildo. "You can't resist this?"
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"Cassidy," I responded, my confidence growing. My hands reached up and grabbed her soft shoulders. "Use your hands to get me off. Play with my cock until I cum.""Yes!" Doug raised his beer in a salute as our target put her back to us and headed for the bathroom."I'm sorry!" she cried. "Sorry, sorry! So sorry! Please, Mistress!" The fairy behind her brought the feather across the nape of her neck, and her whole back arched. "Pleeeease!”"You know, Jenna, I don't think that would be uh...proper."Her eyes widened. "Big!" She replied."Too late." He shrugged. "Maybe tomorrow night."Elly smirked. "Oh, no, Ia, you don't want this cock.” The runerod exited her pussy with a sticky-wet sound, and Ia's breath caught in her throat as it pounded back in. “This cock'll make you come, and you don't wanna come. Doesn't this feel nice already?""Listen, I'm thinking of hopping in the shower...you, uh, wanna join me?" I said, eyeing her wonderful figure.

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Elly's eyes glittered in delight. "Then you'll help me capture and brainwash your friends?"Jenna looked at the bed and with another of those perfect giggles threw herself onto the bed on her back. She bounced and laughed as she pushed with her legs, scooting herself further up the bed. I leaned over, and after giving Doug a long kiss, whispered, "Let's enjoy our little friend."The girl opened her eyes and looked down at her breasts. The boy about had a heart attack, but calmed down at once as he saw that she was focused on her nipples. She sat up and bowed her head and used her hands to guide her breasts up towards her mouth. She bit down first on one nipple and tugged hard at it, then bit down on the other nipple and pulled and twisted it, desperately trying to ease the pain."Just forget it," Karin said, laughing now herself. "I must be getting old.""You have a really big dick, I don't know if I've told you that already," she said, still smiling. And then she leaned down and my aching cock head disappeared between her soft lips.----------
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"God, I can't believe it," Kelly said, her eyes wide. "What did you tell him to convince him?""Don't what?" Elly giggled. "Don't this?"Jenna's pussy clamped around my fingers and a warm wet sensation surrounded them as her pussy gushed from her orgasm. She moaned softly and her body slumped back into the bed. Her legs dropped from my back and she groaned, "Oh, I've never cum that hard!"Her tongue flicked across my ear. Gathering the last of my senses, I pulled away from her.August 15, 2017"Here, why don't you sit up here on the bar," he suggested."I know, I just hope this doesn't change things with them. I really like Kent and Janet."I couldn't hold off taking my morning relief trip to the john. The shower was no longer running, so now would be a good time. Swiftly I was out of bed. Naked, I bounded down the stairs, so fast my hard cock slapped noisily against my stomach a few times.

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"To resist temptation," Elly moaned in her ear.Read More »"Oh, it's so big!" she groaned as he eased the entire length inside her."Is this business too?" Kelly asked, licking his cock once again."So," he went on, "I figure if you approach them and they seem into you, that's half the battle. And it would be less creepy if you start talking to them, then point me out and go from there.""You mad?" she asked.
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"I gotta see if we still fit." I told her. Anne pondered this a moment, then with a slightly panicked look, fell to the rug, pulling me with her. She lay on her back and clutched her knees to her chest. I pushed my cock into her missionary style. She was very wet, very receptive, but not any less tight than I had felt after a busy night of sex. I withdrew and twirled my finger, motioning her to get on her hands and knees. Again, my cock slid into her familiar embrace. I pulled my cock out of her again as she rolled to her side. She raised her top leg for me, and I straddled her lower one and slipped into her tightness. She squeezed her vaginal muscles as a final reassurance, and we both relaxed.Chris pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and laid her on the bed positioning himself above my wife’s groin area. From where Melissa and I sat, we had a clear view of my wife’s pussy and what Chris was about to do. He began kissing the upper areas of Lynn’s thighs tempting and teasing her as his face crept closer and closer to her wanting pussy. It wasn’t long before my wife was begging Chris to eat her! Being a gentleman, Chris obliged and began to lick my wife’s pussy. He seemed to know how to make her climb to an orgasm because in nothing flat, she was edging to one. I guess he saw Melissa and I were intently watching what he was doing and he stopped for a moment and then inserted a finger into Lynn and began to finger fuck her. After several strokes, he began to lick her pussy giving special attention to her clit, this time he did it in such a way that Melissa and I could see what he was doing. Melissa told me how what he was doing to Lynn drove her wild and often made her cum faster than she would want. No sooner then she said that my wife began to tense up and grabbed Chris’ head pulling him to her groin letting me know she was about ready to cum. Lynn began to scream as the waves of sexual ecstasy took her over. My wife bucked wildly as she lost control of her body to the sexual pleasure that she was enjoying. As my wife shuddered from her orgasm, Chris released his face from Lynn’s crotch and positioned himself ready to plunge his cock into my wife. This was the moment of truth… someone other than me was about to fuck my wife. Chris looked at Melissa and I as if to ask for permission, Melissa blew him a kiss and I simply gave him a thumbs up. As Lynn’s waves of passion began to lessen, he slid his entire shaft into my wife’s pussy! Lynn opened her eyes and let out a moan of absolute pleasure. He bottomed out in my wife and Lynn reached up and pulled him close to her in an embrace."Okay," John agreed, trying not to smile to hugely."What do you mean?" John asked, always interested in anything that involved making money.Abruptly, the runerod pulled out, still dripping with her juices.Ten minutes? No, she's—she's lying! It has to have been longer! Ia screwed her eyes shut as she felt Elly's hand barely graze her inner thigh. She didn't know anymore. She didn't know what time it was, how much longer she could hold out. All she knew was the torturous lust that Elly had filled her with.Kent rolled off Anne, exhausted, onto his back in the plush fur. Anne and Anja lay in each other's embrace. The four of us rested a bit, watching Kurt bring Janet to another orgasm. I had heard her coming earlier, too, when Kurt was fucking her."Do you really think so?" Kelly asked. "I mean, you think I'm that nice looking?"

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"Actually," I spoke up, her shyness helping me to grow bolder, "You have a very pretty everything."John watched as Kelly took Mr. Henderson's cock between her lips. From what he could see, his dick was at least as big as his and maybe a bit thicker. Kelly was enthusiastically sucking on him, able to take almost the entire thing into her mouth. He was feeling good as she felt Mr. Henderson run his fingers through her hair, holding her head steady as he began to slowly fuck her face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth like it was a pussy.The girl was slow to respond, so the boy jerked up on the handle again, so that it pointed up at an angle. The girl's head jerked up as she went down on her elbows, and she quickly nodded her understanding. Satisfied, the boy got ready to leave. For a moment he considered leaving the spoon where it was, but immediately thought better of it. He didn't want her to wake up to find her ass plugged with the spoon and wondering how it got there. He placed his left hand on her bottom and pulled steadily with his right until the bowl stopped his progress. He paused for a few moments to consider how best to proceed; then shoved the spoon deep again and immediately yanked back on it in order to gain some momentum. The spoon pulled free with both an audible pop as Tiffany's anus opened wide and shut tight in an instant and an audible gasp as Tiffany's mouth opened wide at least. She moaned softly: "Thank you." Surprised but pleased, the boy grinned and patted her affectionately on the bottom and said: "Hope you didn't get any splinters!"I approached them, caught one of Anja's ankles and tugged insistently on her. She slid to the floor for me, pulling Kent with her."If I go out with them I make sure they fuck me," Kelly said, watching his face."I know so many girls who would give anything to go out with you," she said. "I mean, you're the best looking guy in the whole school."
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"Because I want you to get so hot and horny watching someone else fuck me that you'll totally fuck my brains out after we get back home," she replied, smiling at him.Katy Thorn EROTIC STORIES, Lesbian Erotic Fictions 41,223 ViewsWe exchanged a quick look, my eyes searching her blue sparklers, and within seconds her pants were gone and I was back between her legs. I admired how toned her legs felt, taut muscle just below the skin as I wrapped my arms around them. Cassidy seemed to love me going straight for her clit, no messing around with nibbling or sucking on her pussy lips. She was writhing, her back arched as my soft lips closed over her hard little button and I sucked her nub up into my warm, wet mouth. Her red hair was a mess, framing her pink face and falling over her shoulders as she twisted her head back and forth while I attacked her clit with my wet tongue. She tasted a little more musty this morning, but as I bore down onto her pussy with my tongue, I marveled that I could still barely taste her."Me?" I asked.I barely felt his hand on in my hair as I watched Jenna's tongue dance across the tip of his cock. I leaned closer and our tongues began to graze across each other as we licked and teased his swollen head. Jenna pressed her lips around him and I immediately did the same. I moaned softly as we kissed with Doug's spongy flesh between us. Hoping she would follow suit, I slid my lips slowly down the length of his shaft then back up again. Jenna didn't disappoint me and next time my lips took their slow journey along the length of my husband's cock, Jenna followed suit."Hey," I said, as if the thought had just occurred to me. "You still owe me a couple.""How about you John?"And then he was sliding against the wall. His knees buckled completely. His ass touched the soft carpet. Defeat coursed through him, and it felt...

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Ytheri didn't light many lamps, and Okino was having some trouble finding his way in the darkness. He nearly tripped over the spice racks twice, in fact. So it was to his relief that he spotted a warm glow coming from up ahead."Kim, my bedroom faces your house. You think I haven't seen those girls come and go?""Good morning, everyone," she said, sliding into a seat. "I'm starved.""I'm not sure," Kelly said. "Probably, but I'd rather you were there to watch me.""You're crazy!" John said, his cock harder than ever."Pancakes for breakfast?" She asked.
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"Now you're asking for it," she said, reaching for him.In truth, I had been contemplating this thought since Cassidy fell asleep next to me the night before. "First, the 'no sex' rule is done. If we're both up for having sex, then let's just do that instead of blowjobs and hand jobs.""Oh, I like that! Kim, you're a dirty girl!""You like my breasts?" Cassidy asked as my fingers slipped over the tip of one of her big, firm mounds. I was drinking in the sight of her pale, smooth tit flesh being washed by the water."Is this okay? I asked."I love your cock," she told him, again dropping down to her knees to gently suck on him. "If you can get it hard again, do we have time for one more fuck?" she asked.The days passed and the evidence began to build that the stories about UNC were true. One person resigned and others were fired. University officials apologized. The days turned into a week, and there appeared to be no doubt that UNC had permitted student athletes to attend a fake class.I lead her out of the bathroom, and as we made our way towards the middle of the floor, I spotted Doug and tried not to laugh when he saluted me with his beer. There was a fast-paced dance mix playing, and as I guided her to the side of the dance floor facing Doug, I released her hand, and turning to face her, began to dance. The song wasn't conducive to getting to close to her, but that was fine with me because right now I was getting a damn good show.

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She hesitated, looked through my open bedroom doorway for some reason, and then back at me. "This going to sound crazy..." she began, before trailing off.His cock got even harder so he stayed in the water for several more minutes, willing himself to relax before starting for the embankment and scrambling to the top. When he got there he realized that he would have been as well off just leaving the water with Kelly, since she was laying on her back in the grass with her knees up and spread apart, one hand between her legs rubbing her pussy."Yes," John whispered hoarsely.Lynn came in the house and she seemed to be back to her happy and energetic self. She explained that she met Melissa at the gym and Melissa invited her out to brunch so they could talk. While at brunch, the two women talked at length about deciding whether or not we were going to have a full swap. Lynn said they talked for nearly two hours discussing all the details and limits that would be put in place. Hearing this, I began to get excited thinking that this might actually happen. Lynn told me that they decided that we would meet up in two weeks (it was a three day weekend) and rent a hotel room to have our full swap. Lynn said after their talk, they decided to go shopping for some sexy outfits that they would use. I was at full erection to which Lynn saw, she ran upstairs and grabbed Melissa's pussy soaked bikini bottom from the boat and teased me about having a chance to fuck her! We headed to our bedroom and went at it like newlyweds having several rounds of intense lovemaking. The next two weeks were brutal…. The mere thought of having a full swap with Chris and Melissa caused me to be very distracted and my cock was aching from being hard almost every waking minute."Do you really think so?" Kelly asked. "I mean, you think I'm that nice looking?"Now the debate between Janet and I became one of who should make the phone call. Jan believed it should be me because I was more 'experienced'. I felt Jan should call, as the hostess. No one had actually decided we should invite Kurt and Anja over, it just sort of became "assumed" that we should. Besides, we kept going back to the picture of them, commenting on how nice they looked.
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"Hee—s-stop!" the brunette squealed, clutching at her breasts with one hand and her groin with another. "S-stop that—don't neeeeheehee!"The real trouble began very early one Saturday morning. I woke up to the sound of a woman's loud moaning and pounding on the wall. I decided to peek out my bedroom door to make sure everything was okay, because my bedroom and Cassidy's didn't even share a wall. So the pounding was crazy loud for it to have woken me. The light was on in the living room and some shoes and sets of keys were strewn around the place. It was close to 4 in the morning as I tip toed down the hallway towards Cassidy's door."Oh my god, she's precious!" I exclaimed. "I'm so glad we came to an under-21 club!""As you may recall," said Buford, "I took an old champagne cork then and plugged the stem into the hose and gave the cap a few good whacks with a mallet to seat the cork firmly in place. You didn't need anything crawling up your ass in the meantime." Tiffany blushed as she recalled how, despite her best efforts to suppress the unladylike sounds, Buford had made her grunt and snort each time he had whacked the cork. He had stopped only when the thick mushroom cap was nestled snugly between her rear cheeks. He had paused then to admire his handiwork, for the mushroom cap and Tiffany's rear cheeks had dovetailed so nicely that they hid the ungainly hose from view.Doug didn't need any encouraging and as he began pounding away on my sopping pussy, I began sucking Jenna's pussy again as well as pumping my fingers into her as hard as I dared. She immediately began rocking her hips and moaning, "Oh, look at that! Look at him fuck you!"What did shock him was when Kelly leaned over and licked her seat, slurping at the juices that coated it."Well, it's just an idea, and I don't want you to get the wrong idea, about me or anything," John said."No, but you're the one who said no sex," I responded. I threw aside the sheet that was covering me and began to get out of bed.

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"Fine, Tom, and thanks for the game," Jason said. "As usual it was really fun.""Nope." She giggled. "My parents have no idea about where I go or what I do." She looked back at me with a wink. "Trust me; they would shit if they knew what I did on the weekends, especially"—she placed her hand on my arm, whispering—"when they go on their summer trips." A nasty smile appeared on her face, "Sneaking out of my grandparent's house is really easy." This was followed by another giggle, "Not as easy as being left alone though."Getting to his knees, John got behind Kelly, rubbing the head of his cock between her spread pussy lips, then pressing it into her slowly, not stopping until it had entirely disappeared in her pussy."We'd better get home for dinner," John said, "or they'll be wondering where we are.""Then I should start learning now so that I'll be plenty good when the time comes," John stated. "If you don't mind, of course, I figure in a year I'll be beating you if I try hard enough.""Geez!" I exclaimed, "How many guys fucked you this morning?"
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Kent was in fact fully nude, standing before my wife, who was curled up on the small sofa. He had one hand on his hip; the other clutched a large coffee mug. Anne, the magazine she'd been reading cast aside, was passionately sucking his cock. I shifted to a better position, laying prone, to spy on them. My morning hard on swelled beneath me. I watched them for several minutes. Kent alternated his admiring gaze between the beautiful view outside, and my beautiful wife before him. I noticed that Anne, too, hadn't bothered to put any clothes on this morning. Only a light blanket was dr*ped over her bare shoulders."Okay, I'm in," I said, "Let's do it.""You're so clever and smart," Elly cooed, leaning in. "You would never wanna be my horny bimbo. Never wanna be my whimpering slutty slave.""I don't have $1,000.00 so it doesn't matter," he replied evasively."Okay, more!" She demanded, and lay back down.She picked up her clothes and started off down the path naked, her ass swinging. John hurriedly picked up his shorts and pulled them on, then quickly caught up to her on the trail.Doug started thrusting not just faster, but harder and she moaned and her eyes rolled back as her tight pussy stretched around his cock. I leaned over and as I started sucking on her nipple reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her. I watched while I tongued her swollen flesh as Doug's long thick cock pumped in and out of her. It was glistening from her wetness and I saw she was starting to move her hips in time with his thrusts.Lying on my stomach, I placed my mouth over Anja's pussy. Kent was still able to stand over her with his cock in her mouth. Anne snuggled up behind me, looking over my shoulder. She was humping her pussy against my back. Anja was beginning to respond to my tongue. She started to thrash about, so Anne and I each held onto one of her legs to prevent her from throwing me off. Anne's face edged closer to Anja's pussy, until her cheek was against mine. I moved over a little for her, and her delicate tongue darted out, making contact with Anja's clit. I watched my sexy wife lap away at the beautiful Blonde's snatch. Anja was also shaved nearly bare, leaving only a small, closely trimmed patch in the shape of a heart. Anne glanced up at me.

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I followed the line of his finger and my eyes widened at the sight of a tall slender redhead. She was wearing a red sleeveless shirt that looked as if it could barely contain her breasts."I don't know," John answered. "I guess I could call him tonight."From the neck down, however, there was nothing boyish about my handsome hubby. He wasn't tall at just under six feet, but he carried a solid hundred and ninety pounds, none of which was fat."I can't wait for next time," she said. "Do you really think that dad's other friends would like to fuck me too?" she asked. "I think I'd like that.""Some guys are longer, but not as thick." She continued. "There was a short, really thick guy once. The guys with really huge dicks aren't getting near me. Uh-uh!""You do what you want to, son," Jason said.
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A bimbo who had been a good girl. And that was all she needed to be."Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yeah, ohhh...oh, God!"As the laughter subsided, Anne whispered in my ear. "Sweetheart, I think he's too big for me.""I'm on a scavenger hunt, I'll explain when I get there," she told me hurriedly, "Please don't go anywhere, I'll be right there." With that, she hung up."If you don't want it," she said, giggling, "why're you drinking?""How's Kelly," he whispered to John when he was sure he wouldn't be heard.
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"Well, if you keep thinking like this I wouldn't doubt it for a minute," Tom agreed."I'm going to bed now," Kelly said, getting to her feet."They seem pretty excited about this." I said to her.She spoke loudly. I looked nervously around to see if anyone was paying attention. Fortunately, the music had kicked up again and everyone was dancing. I took a quick look over at Doug, and the expression on his face told me he was reading her body language.We both made a show of tonguing her nipples and I watched Doug's hand slide down her soft flat stomach and disappear between her legs.Right now, I felt like a kid in a candy store! Not only was the club packed with our chosen prey, but what a selection! Every type of pretty young lady was on display before me; not only blondes, brunettes, and redheads, but also some slender, some with a little curve to them. Many of the girls were chesty and flaunting their large, soft breasts, while some had perky little tits that were equally well-displayed in their tight tops and dresses."P-please, I give in, just gimme the runerod..."Kurt was a pretty big guy. Well built, anyway, judging by the admiring glances cast his way by Anne and Janet.